Hello, My Name is Charles Estes

I'm an introspective, design thinking, restlessly curious, autodidact trying to understand my place in the universe. I'm a User Experience Designer with an Industrial design background. Seeking out and understanding complex problems is my specialty. I strive to produce beautiful physical and digital products that are easy and enjoyable to use. While aesthetics are valuable, I believe an emotional connection is essential for a product's success. 


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User-Centered Research

Using research to discover user needs allows for more meaningful solutions and more successful products. 

UX Design

Discover. Make. Observe. Repeat. An iterative approach to developing user experience generates greater insights and reduces errors.

Visual Design

Proper visual treatment is essential for creating any user experience. The form of a product or the elements of of a UI create an emotional connection with your product.  

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Local Harvest

My Role: UX and Visual Design.

Local Harvest is a case study I created during my internship at Intelligent Product Solutions. This Android based concept strives to connect users with their local craftsman, cooks, entrepreneurs and farmers. 

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Aqua Viri

My Role: Researcher, Industrial Designer

Aqua Viri resulted from User-Centered Design Research during the fall semester of my senior year. This IoT drip irrigation system helps users conserve water while watering their plants. 



My Role: Researcher, Industrial Designer

An IoT Combination Drill completed in my third year. It is an exploration into the possible "smart" technologies that could assist in providing useful information to the user. 



My Role:  Industrial Designer

This is a desktop stereo speaker system designed with the design language of Kitchen-aid. It was completed in my second year.


I'm in Chicago

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(602) 316-2539

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